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2 years ago

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I see an open door to a house, when I walk down the street towards the city. Being public spirit, and even if it is 23 00 clock at night I go to the hdporno door and knock to see if the occupants are in order. There is no answer. I call the inside, but no answer. One to call but I.... Suddenly, a voice says. " What are you doing in my house to do," I look to my left and to my surprise a woman of 40 years, half Basque dress and boots. I have a dry mouth and feel my tail too hard, as I to her: " I ​​saw that the door was open, so I just had to check all was well inside, I apologize for bothering you," he said. She says : ". I'll call the hdporno police and arrested for coming into my house," I protested that I was trying to help, since the door was open and its aims. , she responds : "You have a choice, or make a call to the police or going to treat yourself, " " Please do not call the police," I say " treat you like him, " My Mind worksOvertime asked what he thinks and hopes that the media to punish his self, my throbbing cock again. She says: "Close the door " match I and about him, says: "To enter my house without my permission, I will punish him hard," hdporno pounding my cock and my mouth goes dry . "Yes, ma'am," he whispered. " Follow me," he ordered. I follow the top floor of a bedroom... She says, "naked and put my hands over my head. " know how, you ask.. This is me at my naked body. Then, speaking aloud. "Bring me the brush flat plastic dresser, " I obey and give the brush... She says, " Now bend over the bed and slide down the legs in the air with you. " obey without question. tap on the cheek, hdporno my butt hirbrush its cold and i feel my penis is hdporno beating like never before. suddenly brings hard, jump and shout, " Shut up," she whispers. It hurts like hell, but every time a noise in the pait says, " mmmm". A stops 5 minutes, my back is throbbing and feels hot, I said " stay where I am. " to go to the closet, I listen to open, the next sound I hear that test is better a stick in the air. IN swallowing visible laughs and says : ". I'll give hdporno you 28 hits harder than I kneel after 28 blows on the bed and bent at the end remains open her butt hdporno cheeks," \\ \\ n " Why" I ask but do not want to hear the answer. You whisper : " I'm gonna get my ass hard with my large belt, until they cum" end of part 1........... Final and the second part is coming soon

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